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Zero Kitchens are completely sustainably sourced.

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With today’s focus on the circular economy and renewable energy, Zero’s products resonate by being completely sustainably sourced.


Investing in a Zero eco-friendly kitchen gives you peace of mind that no trees have been felled or any harmful pollutants have been used in its creation.

By utilising green byproducts of other industries and eco-friendly suppliers, we ensure that your kitchen design, contemporary or traditional, will not be compromised in any way. Together we can move towards a more ecological and responsible approach to manufacture.

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We give a 10 year warranty on all our furniture


The carcass legs are constructed using totally recycled plastic which can be recycled at the end of the life of the kitchen.

Our Furniture

The Chief component in the manufacture of our furniture is ECOBoard.

This is a panel manufactured from agrifibre (agricultural by product such as straw, tomato vines, cotton stalks and any other seasonal crop waste) that is milled to form flakes.

The flakes are then mixed with a specially designed formaldehyde-free resin (formaldehyde being used in the production of a great deal of widely used MDF) and compressed under high temperature to form a stable homogeneous panel. It has the same strength and fire resilience of MDF and chipboard, so will last just as long.

ECOBoard panels have a moisture resistance that is superior to standard MDF and chipboard, and therefore are more suitable for wet environment applications in kitchens and bathrooms.

Our standard carcasses are constructed using 100% recycled wood chipboard, with a hard wood wax finish on the Ecoboard as a more sustainable option. 

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Our Paint

We paint all of our kitchens with specialist environmentally friendly paint from either Lakeland Paints or Colour Makes People Happy. These paints do not contain any solvents, VOCs, or any other chemicals which may be harmful to either you or your surroundings. Both companies offer a wide range of colours and can mix to standard colour ranges (RAL or NCS) or create one specially for you.


All wirework, hinges, drawer runners and handles, whilst not compromising quality, are sourced from companies that have a strong heritage in green production. Their values incorporate sensible power sourcing often reusing much of their waste materials for heating and other essential systems within their factories.

All of our wirework and associated metal parts can be recycled, thus giving you complete peace of mind with a Zero kitchen.

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