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Laminate Wood Floor


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With our bedroom furniture you can be assured of the same quality and feel to your wardrobes and chest of drawers as we apply to our kitchens. There are plenty of finishes available so please discuss your requirements and how we can realise your design aspirations into reality. 

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Dressing Rooms

With dressing rooms becoming more common place within our homes we are able to utilise most of the space your home will have to offer. There is a broad selection of finishes available and we can design around your requirements and also the constraints often occurring around the structure of your home.

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Using the same sustainable materials as we do for all our other furniture, we are able to manufacture bathroom furniture too, encompassing a broad range of styles.

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Other Joinery Projects

Making the best use of space is at the heart of any design within your home. We can utilise the space under your stairs, create a work of art around your TV, or simply proivuide more, much needed, storage. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

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